My name is Shelly Dockins Kocan.  I live in the small town of Cordova, Alaska on the eastern edge of the Prince William Sound. It's remote, wild and it rains an awful lot.  I write about the seasonal rhythm of life in a place where the seasons make you sit up and pay attention.  Lest you miss the short bloom of the shooting stars, the noisy run of silver salmon, or a hidden crop of yellow footed chanterelles.   

I also write about wool: dyeing, knitting, designing and traveling in search of those people whose lives are entangled and inspired by fiber and handcrafts. 

You'll find the results of those explorations in my shop: patterns inspired by place with some surprises on the way.  If you're looking for my hand-dyed Snow Capped Yarns, you can find them here.

I'm glad you made your way to this spot, I hope you find a bit of inspiration or at least some good company for your travels.