Sheridan Mountain Trail

It's nice to wake up with sore muscles from a hike.  We made it up the Sheridan Mountain Trail yesterday and it was well worth the climb.  The forest service trail crew has done some amazing work on this trail with log steps, bridges and net covered planks. And the view when you get to the top is pretty awesome.  You look out over the toe of the glacier and also out over the delta, so starkly flat in contrast with the abrupt rise of mountains.

There was such a variety of wildflowers blooming: columbine, lupine, chocolate lily, northern geranium and more.  I saw my first monkshood of the season and I met the pink wooly lousewort.

Moriah, a friend from Port Townsend, is up working in the Prince William Sound for the summer tendering on the Robert S.  She had a brief break from the boat and joined us for the day, much to our enjoyment.

This shelf fungus was peeking out at us just off the trail.  So bright and with a lovely lemon yellow underside

I love the breezy cotton grass dotting this meadow, like little stars hovering just above the ground.

All and all a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, can't wait to head out into more of the alpine country.