Family Time


Some of my family members made the long journey here this past week and were rewarded with a gloriously sunny weekend.  We made the requisite trip to the glacier, which was super active with its' calving.


Lisa somehow willed us into seeing some brown bears from the road.  They were pretty mesmerizing, likely a momma bear with 2 leggy cubs, maybe 3 or 4 year old.

We balanced our way around the planked trail of  Pipeline & McKinley Lake.

Everyone was on the alert for bears, which we didn't see but we did spot the Star Gentian, a lovely purple flower, bordering on black, that I had never encountered before.

Saturday we made it to the Salmon Runs and walked in the 5K, there was a great community showing and someone even broke the course record for the marathon!Before the Salmon Runs

By Sunday the glory of the sun had disintegrated into mist but we made it out to explore Power Creek and learn a little more about the hydro project that is currently powering our town.

On the way to power creek we came across the trifecta: Salmon swimming ready to spawn, decaying salmon that will eventually fertilize those ripe & ready to eat Salmonberries bright on the bush.  We've been snacking on berries whenever we find them but have yet to do some serious berry picking.