Mt Eyak

It's been a pretty rainy August so far, so when I woke up to this yesterday morning I couldn't pass up the chance to get out and revel in it. 

There are quite a few trails that I've had on my wish list this summer.  Hiking to the top of Mt Eyak was high on the list.

The Peak of Mt Eyak 

  Here's a view of Eyak from town, you can drive up about as high as the last house and then begin hiking at the ski hill parking lot.

 The views from the top were just breathtaking.

Something about being on a mountain peak is so dang inspiring.  I lazed around in the sun, soaking up the beauty for a good long while.  Enjoying the views and feeling very fortunate.

Since I wasn't very far from town you could see lots of activity in the distance.  Fishing boats heading out of the harbor, getting into position for today's opener.

The coastguard helicopter passed by and a floatplane or two took off from the lake.  And high above there were flocks of seagulls enjoying the wind.

Another bird passed by, a Northern Harrier.....perhaps?  I'll need help identifying this one.I had to snap a few shots, the end of the fireweed and the end of the salmon berries.

And a couple other purple wildflowers I encountered on the way:

I'll leave you with a 360 degree panoramic video of the view from the top, but don't let me spoil it if you want to see it in person first.