Yarnia & Coho

I've been taking a break from dyeing these past few days but I still had a couple of images I wanted to post as pure eye candy for anyone who loves color and fiber:

Here it is stacked up before the labeling process.

piled high

 With what seemed to be the eye of the hurricane, we made it out to do some fishing in the sun and to catch a long glimpse of the migrating Sandhill Cranes.

This was a good day fishing, we came home with nine Silvers, and it was warm enough to wear short sleeves!

It then took most of the night to get them filleted, brined, cut into strips and hung up.

They've since been smoked and are awaiting their new home in jars, a temporary resting place before they become lunch and dinner and snacks for the winter.

And here's some of the many V's of cranes that passed over top of us on Sunday with their unique trilling call, announcing their flight.