Working Together

Our last week has been very fishy indeed, but it really makes me realize how much team work goes in to food preservation. Especially when it comes to catching, killing, cleaning, curing, canning and smoking salmon; though not exactly in that order. No matter the slime, I still I feel really fortunate that it's actually quite easy to put up quite a bit of healthy protein for the coming winter in the form of mouthwatering Alaskan Salmon.

Here's some photos from start to finish capturing bits and pieces of the process.

Here's Heath fishing with the new door prize we won from the Berry Festival.

And here's Kris fishing with his hands, since our other rod broke.

Mind you, he did reel in a couple salmon with this high tech method.  Here's Heath helping net one of them:

Removing the hook while sporting a lovely hand-knit had, made with love by his own mum

So we'll go from  here ...

and just jump ahead to the filleting.  I managed not to take any pictures of the gutting process, probably to your benefit, though that pyloric caeca is pretty interesting looking.  Again notice Kris sporting yet another hand knit from his mom, a glimpse of the just the hood from an awesome fitted hooded sweater.  Heath and I would both like one of our own.

And then when things are finally cleaned up the whole curing, smoking and canning process begins.  More photos to come...