"Skating on Sheridan Glacier"

Another new colorway debuts this week at The Net Loft:

  "Skating on Sheridan Glacier"

A tonal turquoise with more than six shades of aqua and some skeins with natural white left in.

As the cold temperatures freeze the lakes, we're all getting ready for some ice skating. Some people have already been out on Eyak Lake, Ibeck Creek and even Sheridan Glacier to skate.

There is really nothing more epic than ice skating on a lake at the toe of a glacier, it's like being in another world.  Weaving your way through icebergs frozen in place, the low angled light of the sun softening the colors and the many shades of blue light reflecting and refracting through the ice.  It's pretty great.

So in an effort to translate an experience into a skein of yarn here it is.

This might be my favorite colorway yet.

I dyed 16 skeins of this jewel colored yarn on bases spun from the fiber of sheep,alpacas, llamas and cashmere goats, and a couple even have a little tinsel thrown in for some holiday cheer.

One by one let me show you what we have in this batch, for those of you who love yarn & color or love someone who does, the following might just whet your appetite.


100% Peruvian Wool

4.2 oz per skein

130 yards

3-3.5 stitches per inch


100% New Zealand Wool

100g per skein

77 yards

2.5-3.5 stitches per inch


100% Blue Faced Leicester  wool

125g per skein

279 yards

5.5-6  stitches per inch


50% merino wool

50% tencel

100g per skein

368 yards

7 stitches per inch


100% superwash merino wool

125 grams per skein

237 yards

6 stitches per inch

3 different yarns: from front to back

  1. Kiniklik: 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester wool:     112g     approx 450 yds     7 stitches per inch
  2. Pleiades: 95% baby llama & 5% stellina (tinsel):     125g     273yards     5 stitches per inch
  3. Siwash: 80% merino & 10% cashmere & 10% nylon:     100g     442 yards     7-8 stitches per inch

3 different yarns: from left to right

1. Busby: 90% Superwash merino & 10% nylon:     125g     480 yards     8 stitches per inch

2.  Storey: 40% alpaca, 40% Superwash merino & 20% nylon:     125g     477 yards   7.5 stitches per inch

3.  Pleiades: 95% baby llama & 5% stellina (tinsel):     125g     273yards     5 stitches per inch

100% hand-dyed, guaranteed to make any knitter smile

Available exclusively at The Net Loft: (907)424-7337