Heavy With Snow

We've been home from our Christmas Vacation for about a week now.  This is the sight that greeted us as we walked out of the airport back in Cordova.  It was exciting at first...and then a little daunting.

And then nearly three hours later all we really wanted was be dry, warm, fed and settled in at home.

 Oh how naive we were.  As we walked down the trail to the lagoon and looked for the turnoff  to our house we found it to be completely obliterated, no sign of the trail at all.  Thus began two more hours of shoveling our way to the front door.  I was in no mood to take pictures at this point.

Here's a photo from later in the week of our improvised trail, under the steps. It will have to suffice until all this snow melts...June, July, maybe?

Anyhow we made it home and back to work and life seemed to be settling in normally.

Until Thursday that is, when they sent both of us home early from work, both of our offices closed for inclement weather.  It was pretty cozy down in the lagoon, that afternoon we were sheltered from the winds.

But all in all Cordova was feeling the weight of relentless stormy weather.  Too much snow, too much wind, too little visibility, too much weight on the roofs, too little snow removal equipment, too few places to put the snow and too few people to do all the shoveling.  They cancelled work on Friday as well.  But for all of Thursday's storminess, Friday was absolutely beautiful.  In between shoveling we walked to town to see what we could see. Cordova cloaked in robes of whiteness.

 People seem to be reaching their shoveling threshold, or maybe I can safely say that everyone has surpassed it.  Shoveling isn't that fun to begin with, but 3 weeks into it I think it's really getting old.  Unfortunately it's snowing again, and blowing around, it doesn't take a crystal ball to know that we'll all be shoveling tonight and tomorrow and the next day too.

Everyone has been safe in town, we've had three major avalanches but luckily no injuries.  The major worry still is the weight of the snow leading to collapsing roofs.

We've made the news now.  I think all the major stations have done a story.   Some local folks have put together some great footage to get the word out.  The weather here often seems superlative, but I guess this really takes the cake.

 Back in the Lagoon, the snow was sitting heavy on the trees.

Looking at this photo from Jan 6th it's hard to remember back to August when the salmon were noisy in the creek below.  Click here to see this same view a few months ago, when snow was still a far off dream.

As for now it seems that the snow has really come into its own, no longer an addition like frosting on top.   It's transience has morphed into solidity, a visitor that appears determined to stay.