So it's been a few months since I've been in touch...sorry I've been away.  I'm just emerging from the virtual rock I've been hiding under for the past half a year.  In the real world I've been nestled down at home learning new things and going about with the weekly cycles of life.  The days have been rich and full at times and dreary and flat at others.  There's been plenty to write about but I've felt private, guarding my experiences close to me.  Blogging offers such an interesting opportunity to write so frankly and share so openly but with no idea who's eyes will land on your words.  It leaves me wondering just how much to share. Lately I've been devouring blogs and the rawness and honesty with which some people write is inspiring.  When I read their stories they are so relatable, so human, and their vulnerability strikes me as strength.

These thoughts have largely been stirred from some lovely e-courses I've participated in over the past 5 months.  This dive into e-courses was originally inspired through the magic that is Squam.  I was introduced to this network of creative brilliance through SquamItlalia...a creative retreat in the Abruzzo region of Italy last October.

Abruzzo Sun

It was magical, to say the least.  So when Elizabeth, the mastermind or should I say masterheart behind Squam decided to start offering e-courses led by amazing instructors I didn't hesitate to sign up.

I've found these courses to be an amazing way to bring the full hearted creative impulse back home with me.  I wasn't sure if it would work, creativity inserted into my ordinary day via my macbook,  but it does!   I think  the changes and the transformations may even be more enduring than a week long retreat.  Less of a brilliant spark and more of a steady slow cook.

Here's a recap:

In January Thea Coughlin urged me to pick up my camera and taught me to start shooting in manual mode and I haven't looked back since.

In March Ysolda sparked all sorts of new ideas about sweater construction that inadvertently brought me to this point of starting a knitting club at the high school. (More on that later.)

In April, Susannah Conway, knocked my out of my head and back into my heart and allowed me to reclaim writing and journaling as a powerful practice of self growth and transformation.  Watching her interviews with amazing individual such as Andrea, Jamie Ridler and Helen Thomas sent me on a virtual quest, from blog to blog, seeking nourishment from the many many creative people out there.  They've been there all along.  It's amazing how once you're turned on to an idea, there is almost a limitless amount of information out there, just waiting to be found.

Fresh Italian Figs

So I'm very thankful at this point, to have some fresh inspiration, and to feel connected to the world at large from the comfort of my kitchen table.  I'm still pondering my own views on private and public in the blogosphere and I look forward to exploring this more in my current e-course, Blogging from the Heart.

See you soon....just a few days this time.  I've got some new yarn dyed up, inspired by some of Cordova's most elegant residents that I'd like to share with you!