Weekly Love

A fellow blogger at  Love Dream Act  has started a weekly love project and I've decided to join her.

Here's what she has to say:

"The purpose of weekly love

...to spread love by sharing love-filled moments

...to be (or become!) aware of all the love your life provides if only you open your heart and eyes for it

...to be connected with lovely people all around this beautiful planet

...to have fun capturing "normal" moments and feel love for them"

And the rules:

Think about, notice, write about the moments that "made your heart sing during the past week, one per day."

Flower Baskets

Flower Baskets

So here goes:


I sunk into a corner of the couch, spending some great hours working on The Desire Map...what a simple yet profound concept, to identify the way you want to feel and then to orient your life around those core desires, rather than external goals..that might not leave you feeling the way you thought they would.  I'm grateful for the author's, Danielle LaPorte, bold, honest in your face approach to writing and for the insight that working through her book is giving me.  It's nice to find tools that up your joy in life and make you happily feel a little more like yourself.


I caught up on all of my patient charting at work, which isn't hard, but I'd been putting it off and the freedom I felt when I finished the last one was fantastic.  There really is something to the practice of just doing what you dread...it will free up so much energy afterwards.


A dentist in town to fix my husband's chipped tooth.  It's great to have wild game to eat but there's always a risk with wild ducks and geese that there might be a small BB still in your dinner.  Tuesday night my husband bit hard into a piece of shot and a perfect hole was left in its place.  We were grateful it didn't break all the way to the nerve and grateful the dentist hadn't left yet for Bristol Bay..otherwise it might have been a very painful and expensive week indeed.


We made the decision to hire someone to help with house cleaning.  This decision has made me sooo happy, to envision a weekend without mopping floors and cleaning the toilet...yes please!   It took us a while to actually act on this, but I feel very uplifted at the possibility that we created more time in our week for doing what we enjoy.


Was a pretty emotional day for me, I drew on this approach to sadness and was thankful I had a friend to knit with a share some painful emotions , a chance to talk about the feelings that are so often kept close to the heart and never spoken. It didn't hurt to get some wet kisses and hugs from a toddler as well.


So that brings us to today:



I'm grateful for our porch; a spot in the sun,  just big enough to stretch a hammock across, a place for colorful flowers and lovely views of the mountains.  And especially for the warm sun and gentle breeze that is making the world such and easy and delightful place to be outside in today.

If you want to join in this exercise of gratitude and pause, please do! The directions are right here.