Working From Home

Today marks a day worth celebrating.


Change has come.  My clinic hours have condensed for the winter and it is my first day working from home.

I get to be HERE more regularly and more thoughtfully.

After months of effort and SURRENDER, I have finally carved out some time specifically for Snow Capped Yarns & Woolen Travels.  I am delighted to have some weekday time to dive in to the dyeing, pattern design, knitting, photography, writing and learning that accompanies growing a creative business.  I'd love any tips and resources you all have found helpful as you've gone through this process in your own ways.

True to form, this change did not come without some rough seas and anxiety.  I actually woke up at 4am this morning...nervous for my first day of working for myself!  The time seems so precious I don't want to squander it.

These past few months have given me cause to look at how I see myself in relationship to my occupation, define my personal markers of success, and explore what I need to maintain creative engagement and passion.  And what I've realized is that...


Even when we love what we do, we sometimes need to switch things up a bit, to keep life fresh. 

And so that's what I've been doing.  Dipping my toes into some personally unchartered waters.

I went along on my first ever bear hunt. 


I started playing with light box photography while enjoying the tail end of chanterelle season. 

I went out to sea on a seine boat and entered the very foreign world of weather, wind and radios.

And I've renewed my subscription to Audible.  I'm giving myself some new inputs, fresh ideas and perspective.  Last week I found some great inspiration and recommendations in Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields. 

So thanks for witnessing this milestone.  It's just the beginning...but maybe beginnings are just as deserving of celebration!