Cordova's Termination Dust 2013

What is the weather doing in Cordova, Alaska right now?  I know that's the burning question on everyone's minds.  Well if you must know, let me tell you.  

The most significant development of the week is that there is snow on the peaks in town. 

Termination Dust

The confectionary dusting that indicates summer is truly over, autumn almost so, and winter is just around the corner. 

mt eccles-cordova-termination-dust-woolen

We've had a few dustings on the higher peaks over the past couple of weeks, but this is the first week the snow is staying put.   The peak on the right is Mt Eccles, elevation 2357 ft.  Looks like the snow line is down to at least 2000 feet and dropping.  It's the first week where every morning there has been white on the mountains, and I must say I find it a welcome sight.


This is Queen's Chair also trying on its' fresh winter cloak.  It still feels rather warm for late October, the temps are in the mid 40's.  Especially  considering that this week, last year, it was cold enough to enjoy some early season ice skating.  Proof below (taken Oct 23, 2012)!

But that's how it is every year, every season seems different from the one before.  So for now we'll have to enjoy some late October sunshine, as it can't be long until Winter really comes.