Merry Knitmas

Almost Done!

Did you see what we made.  We made magic.

We're working out the finishing touches for our Holiday Lamp Post and we're sussing out what message we want to convey with our first yarn bombing. While I thought Merry Knitmas was catchy, it didn't win any votes on our Facebook poll, and maybe I'm actually glad about that.  I'll tell you why.

Once a week I meet with a group of teenagers and knit.  We call ourselves the Secret Sweater Society.  We started meeting in March, I wanted to teach them to make sweaters.  We met all through the sunny summer and just knit together.  All of us at different stages, different speeds.

I love to knit and I love spending time with these awesome ladies.  They range in age from 15, 16 and 17 and I'm happy to slip in to their lives for just a bit each week. 

My goal with the club is to give them a space to just be and encouragement to create.  

I want them to learn how to make beautiful things with their hands.  

Secret Sweater Society (some members not present)

I want to offer them a tactile skill in a digital world.  

I teach them how to bind off and increase stitches and they remind me about the power of laughter and how to splice together instagram video clips.  I feel the balance is tipped in my favor.

I want them to know they can make real, wearable things, that they have real skills, and that their creativity is valuable and powerful.

This past week we were offered a mission:

Decorate the Net Loft’s Lamp Post for our local holiday competition.  We came up with a plan on Tuesday, knit a total of 50 feet of red and white stockinette stripes and then met again 5 days later to join it together and turn an ordinary light post into something special.

adding wire to the knit stripes

We’ve been talking about the idea of yarn bombing (covering public spaces with knitting) for awhile.  The idea has always held a decidedly innocuous yet rebellious appeal.  This was our first chance to actually create a public yarn bombing.  And do it we did.  

In 5 days we came up with an idea, knit, sewed, engineered and made it all happen.

It was a cold day to be up on ladders, with numb fingers wrapping wire on a lamppost that was too high for most of us to reach.  Even though the skies were clear we knew we were attaching oversized balls of yarn and pounds of wool to a pole that just might have to withstand 50 mph winds, 10 inches of rain, 10 feet of snow or all of the above in the next month.  It required some inventiveness and fortitude.  

I'd venture to say that we all went home feeling quite accomplished.  We had put our hearts into it and felt the sweet success of a job well done.  And now it will light up the night and brighten the days of all the Cordovans who pass it. 

photo by Jessyka Dart-McLean

A beacon to remind us all of the possibility to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, a chance to create magic.  And while Merry Knitmas is kind of catchy, I'm happy that the votes are in and the Secret Sweater Society chose "Create Magic" to be our motto.

For in these dark days of the year we must rely on our creativity to create brightness and magic in one another’s lives.


How will you create magic this holiday season?