The Icelaska Backstory

In late August I returned from a 2 week trip to Iceland.  I went to explore fiber, knitting and the current craft culture.

Within a couple weeks of returning home I began dyeing a large collection of yarn for what became the Olde Salt Collection.

 You can hear more about the seven colorways in this little video,  but aside from colors and yarns  I knew that a new release would mean we would need new patterns!

And that's part of the story I wanted to tell you more about today.

Icelandic knitwear.jpg

I wanted to design something for the little ones.  In Iceland I had seen the kids bundled in layers of wool in much the same way we layer ourselves in fleece here in the US.  And I couldn't help but find the layers of wool to be more endearing, sweet, classic, and appealing. Fleece is bright, colorful and warm, and easy to overlook that it's name is a nod towards natural materials but it's made from plastic.  

Which just doesn't quite hold up to the romance of wool.

Pictured at right are a few of the sweet designs I saw as I made my way around Iceland, this vest in the middle caught my eye.  It was the simplicity and the functionality of it that really appealed to me, the idea of a garment a baby could live in, not just wear for special occasions.  And once I took those basic design elements of ribbing and garter stitch, reworked them and fed them through my own filter I ended up with this, the Icelaska Vest & Hat.

I wanted my designs to bring a bit of that Scandinavian aesthetic to the kids of Alaska and to all places enjoying some cold temps during this part of the year.  

And thus the Icelaska Collection was born. 

If this is just your cup of tea, you can find the patterns here and the yarn here.  And if I haven't won you over yet...I'll keep working on it, maybe my next pattern will be the one!