Duck Season Grime Meet Super Squishy Hand-Dyed Yarn

Somehow it happened.  Duck season has finally infiltrated my subconscious.

See all those bits of yarn, they are trimmings from the all the skeins of the Early Autumn Collection.  I went to the dye pots to bring out something of Autumn, and out came the colors of layout blinds.

and dried sedge. 

Colors of the delta and of the chest waders hanging to dry in our garage. 


This time of year is clearly my husband's favorite and his free days and free hours end up devoted to layout blinds, boat trips, duck calls and black face paint.


I'm happy to finally have some yarns that might just work for hunting season. Next up in the cue, a camouflage hat and fingerless gloves. Does someone you love, love the colors of Fall or sound of a duck call?  If so, this might be just the yarn for you.


Find the yarns at: