Gravina...our first American Yarn

Snow Capped Yarns has added a new yarn to the family; Let me introduce you to Gravina.

shown in Salmon Skin, Sea Change & Shrouded Spruce

shown in Salmon Skin, Sea Change & Shrouded Spruce

 In sticking with our theme (sort of), it is named after an island in the Prince William Sound.  I try to correlate the weights of the yarn to the relative size of the island: bigger the yarn = larger the island.  It's not a perfect science, especially since we keep adding new yarn bases and  we're running out of islands .  

So with our newest yarn, Gravina I think I had started to move on to Ports.  But Gravina is indeed an island in the northeast Prince William Sound, though it is teeny tiny, just off the tip of Gravina Point and just south of Port Gravina. Can you find it there on the map?

prince william sound-gravina-alaska-snowcappedyarns

But our yarn Gravina, is not teeny tiny at all. It is a heavier worsted weight at 840 yards per pound.  It knits up similar to Knight, 3.5-4.5 spi, and makes a nice dense warm fabric.


It's our first American yarn, 100% Targhee wool, named after the Targhee National Forest in Idaho. The Targhee sheep are an American breed descended from  Rambouillet, Corriedale and Lincoln breeds. So much of yarn in the US is imported, it's exciting to be able to offer an option that was raised, milled and dyed here in the US.  I look forward to expanding in this direction in the future.

As you can see above, I just knit my first project in Gravina, in our new Shrouded Spruce colorway.  I made the Icelaska Hat, and even though this yarn knits up with a larger gauge than Latouche, I adjusted the pattern just a touch and was delighted with the result.  It appears our little knitwear tester was pleased as well!

icelaska hat-snowcappedyarns-woolen travels

Getting out in the sun and capturing photographs of sweet smiling kids in knitwear has to be one of the most fun parts of this yarn dyeing/knitting world.  Here's a few more shots you might enjoy. Click on the picture below to see some of my favorites.  

P.S. I absolutely loved knitting with this yarn and can't wait to cast on another project!